Lithium (LiFePO4) Batteries

Q – What is the difference between NMC and LiFePO4?
A – 
NMC batteries  offered by Amped Outdoors are a type of lithium that have a higher specific energy. This means they are 14.8V battery packs made specifically for fishing graphs such as Garmin, Humminbird and Lowrance. They are lighter, smaller, and pack more power with a working voltage range of 16.8V when fully charged down to 11v when discharged. These were intended for portable use and ice fishing. NMC should never be left in a boat or charged outdoors or in a boat. LiFePO4, are a true 12.8V SLA replacement. These are popular deep cycle batteries for storage systems used in Solar, Trolling Motors, Fishing Electronics, and many other SLA replacement applications.

Q – What size battery do I get for my trolling motor?
A – Use this reference:
Which battery for Trolling Motor?      Which Battery for Kayak?

Q – Do I need to use a lithium charger? 

A – We HIGHLY encourage the use of the appropriate charger with our batteries. Your SLA charger will put a charge on our battery but are typically only 13.5v vs LiFePO4 chargers being 14.4-14.6v and NMC 14.8V batteries needing a 16.8V charger. To ensure a full charge, speed of charge and proper cell balancing, it is wise to use the correct charger. We sell these with batteries at or below cost to enhance our customer experience. Deltran and many other chargers that are "Lithium", often do not include the feature to reset a battery BMS. This means they will not charge a battery that has been fully drained that may read below 10V.

Q – Can I use my boat's on board charger to charge?
A – Possibly. Today most on board chargers have LiFePO4 charring functions. We highly encourage the use of NOCO GENPRO or other LiFePO4 rated marine chargers. Ideally, we encourage a 24v or 36v dedicated battery along with our charger. If your charger is not capable of LiFePO4, we would encourage the proper charger that does. 

Q – How to I store my battery when not used?
A – Never store your battery fully discharged. It is best to put a 50% charge on your battery and avoid leaving for a long period of time without charging and in a cool dry place. To ensure the best performance from your batteries for many years, put a charge on your battery at least every 2-3 months. Store your battery in temps of 40-80 degrees and never leave on the charger or charge in below freezing temperatures. 

Q – How do I know when my battery is charged?
A – When purchasing a charger from Amped Outdoors, your charge light will be red when charging and will turn green when charged. It is safe to keep the battery on the charger after fully charged as it will not hurt the battery. 

Q - How does Amped Outdoors Batteries compare to other brands?
A - We rate among the best in quality and best for capacity. We only use UL Listed cells and all our batteries come with certification marks. We also only use certified production facilities (ISO9001) which ensure the most advanced quality control. Since we use the most advanced LiFePO4 cell technologies we can build the highest capacity batteries in the industry in their respectful case sizes.  

Q - What stands Amped Outdoors apart from other battery companies?
A - We build our batteries using an ISO 9001 facility. This means our batteries are built with quality in mind. Every battery pack is wrapped in insulation paper and then in PVC before being mounted inside an ABS case. This ensures a strong, safe, consistent battery 100% of the time!

Q - Do Amped Outdoors batteries have a build in BMS (Battery Management System) with cell balancing?
A - Yes, each battery has a built in BMS with cell balancing. Each batteries BMS specs will vary based on the type of battery. To ensure you purchase the right battery for your intended use, please contact us before making your purchase with any questions. We are more than happy to qualify you to the right product to meet your needs.

Q - Can you run LiFePO4 Batteries in Parallel?
A - Yes! 

Q - Can you run LiFePO4 Batteries in Series!
A - Some our products yes! The battery will need to have a special BMS that will allow you to run the battery in series. All new 12.8V LiFePO4 batteries 7.5Ah and larger can be run in series up to 48V .Contact us and we will make sure you get the right technology to do this! 

Q - Warranty and Money Back Guarantee of Amped Outdoors Batteries? 
A - We offer 2-5 year warranties on all batteries. Our warranty will cover more than most gimmick warranties in the industry today claiming 10+years. Many warranties on the market today will only cover manufacturer defect, which you will typically find within the first year. See our warranty section for details. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all batteries from date of purchase. *

Q - Why are you prices so low? 
A - Amped Outdoors started with a promise to offer the best products at the best prices. You will often see advertised "Affordable Again". We sell our products direct to consumers and smaller shops, so you do not have to pay big box store prices. Most companies will mark their products up 100-300% to cover their high overhead costs and ensure retail stores make large profits. We will sell to you direct and promise the best product at the best price......PERIOD...

Q - Where is Amped Outdoors Located?
A - Amped Outdoors is proudly located in Hudson Wisconsin. Hudson is on the western border of Wisconsin and across the St. Croix River of eastern Minnesota. 


 Tungsten Jigs

Q - Can I get custom sizes?
A - Our unpainted jigs can be made in most sizes and hook variations. Just ask and we will let you know if we can do it!

Q - How are Amped Outdoors tungsten jigs different than others?
A - Amped Outdoors uses only 97% Pure Tungsten Products. We specialize in offering sizes from 3mm to 9mm. We only use the strongest Japanese hooks that are guaranteed sharp! We provide only the best quality at direct to customer pricing! 

Q - Who paints your solid color jigs?
A - We do! Every batch is quality tested against chipping/wear and we ensure all eyes