How to choose the correct battery for a 24v or 36v trolling motor?

LiFePO4 batteries have many advantages over traditional Lead Acid batteries. Longer operating times, weight savings and many more years of operation are just to name a few. All Amped Outdoors LiFePO4 batteries listed below have a built in BMS (Battery Management System) which will protect your battery from overcharging, discharging too low, high temp cutoff, short curitcuit, and has built in cell balancing technology. 

Sealed Lead Acid batteries can be up to 50% efficient and AGM can be up to 80%. This means you can expect to get 50-80% of the rated capacity. Our LiFePO4 batteries will give you 100%+ the rated capacity when new out of box. 

Here is a helpful comparison for choosing the right battery for your setup! 

60Ah LiFePO4 - Similar Capacity to a group size 27 AGM

80Ah LiFePO4 - Similar capacity to a group size 31 AGM

100Ah LiFePO4 - 20-30% more capacity than a group size 31 AGM

24V Systems: We typically recommend 80Ah -100Ah batteries for this application.

36V Systems: We recommend our 36V 60Ah battery for the moderate user, 80Ah if you have been happy with your group size 31 battery, and for the heavy user our 100Ah battery.