How to choose a Kayak Trolling Motor Battery!

Powering a kayak with a trolling motor has become more and more popular over the years. Amped Outdoors has dedicated resources to ensure all kayak anglers have a battery to best fit their needs. The most popular question we get is "How long will battery x last on my kayak?" The breakdown below will help you determine which battery to choose for your application. Please view graphs below to see real life comparisons. 

You cannot give estimates in time on how long your battery will last due to everyone having different habits. We like to estimate operating time in distance. Since weight, wind, current, spot lock and speed all play a factor, below are what you should estimate for our batteries. 

60Ah LiFePO4 - This is our most popular battery at only 14lbs. It is very similar to the capacity of a group size 27 AGM or better than most group size 31 Flooded Batteries. For the average angler, it will last you an entire day of low to moderate use.  This battery will give the typical angler 8 miles of operation. 

80Ah LiFePO4 - New for 2021! This battery is similar to a group size 31 AGM in capacity but in a group size 27 case and only 23lbs. This battery will give the typical angler 12+ miles of operation. 

100Ah LiFePO4 - This battery is our highest capacity. Expect 20-30% longer operating times of a group size 31 AGM battery but in a group size 27 case and under 25lbs. The 100Ah battery will give the typical angler 14+ miles of operation. 

The following graphs were created using an Old Town Autopilot 120 with 45lb MinnKota Motor on a 70 degree calm day on the lake. Operating times will vary based on wind, current and weight but this information will be very similar on other kayaks with trolling motor setups. 

The graphs below