Unpainted Tungsten Tear Drop Jig

Unpainted Tungsten Tear Drop Jig SALE

Energized Outdoors

$0.75 $1.50

Want to paint your own Tungsten jigs? Looking to powder coat? Contact Sales@Ampedoutdoors.com for tips and tricks! We would love to see your finished goods!


Amped Outdoors’ jigs are 97% pure Tungsten and equipped with premium Japanese hooks. Our direct-to-consumer pricing saves you 50% or more off retail. Load up today!

Head Size Hook Size Weight (g)
3mm 16 0.44
4mm 14 0.95
5mm 12 1.78
6mm 8 2.6
7mm 8 3.78
8mm 6 6
9mm 6 10

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