Connect Ease Graph Power

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Connect EASE GRAPH POWER is a permanent power solution for up to three powered kayak or boat fishing accessories, all with a convenient and easy pack-in/pack-out battery connection. Total length of cable 8.5ft. 

From the get-go, GRAPH POWER was designed to solve the connections and power issues associated with running today’s sophisticated fishing electronics common on modern Kayaks, providing clear, clean power and direct connections. Now that extends into the realms of kayak angling, boating and ice fishing with numerous new, problem-solving rigging and power distribution products.

GRAPH POWER is designed to work with all manufacturers of fresh- and saltwater marine electronics. GRAPH POWER features marine-grade sheathed wire with multiple fused connections for your electronics. Works with Humminbird, Lowance, Garmin, Forward side and down imaging systems. Power  multiple electronics, GO Pro, phone, and others with pour fused connections..