Bluetooth Smart Battery Monitor

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*Compatible with any battery with 8mm or 5/16" posts. This is is not required with new Amped Outdoors Bluetooth batteries. 

The Smart Battery Monitor is a high-precision meter that allows you to check the status of your battery via your smartphone with the Amped Outdoors Smart Battery Monitor app. The Smart Battery Monitor measures the discharge or recharge currents and calculates the amp hours going in and out of the battery. Precise voltage and amperage measurements are taken and displayed in real-time. The Smart Battery Monitor is compatible with all types of batteries ranging from 8-80 volts with up to a 500amp current.

Installation Instructions:

1) Using the supplied bolt, washer and lock washer Install the smart monitor B- over the negative post on your battery and secure the bolt properly. 

2) Connect your negative source and charging source to the P- terminal on the shunt. 

3) Connect the red connector from the shunt to the positive of the battery or if wiring batteries in series, to the positive of the first battery in the series. 

4) Fully charge your battery or batteries to 100%

5) Download the appropriate IOS or Andriod APP.

6) Open the app. After accepting location and Bluetooth. The battery shunt name will appear under Available devices. Connect to the battery monitor. 

7) After connecting, tap on the middle icon which is settings. Change your rated capacity to match your battery capacity. Then based on your battery use the following settings:

Under voltage

12V Battery use 10V

24V Battery use 20V

36V Battery use 30V

(These are the voltages your battery will discharge down to under a load. Rebound voltage after fully depleting a battery will be higher) 

Full battery voltage

12V Battery use 14.6V

24V Battery use 29.2V

36V Battery use 43.8V

(These are the voltages your charger will output to charge your battery 100%. Actual resting voltages of the battery will be lower. This does not impact capacity)

Capacity Remaining: If battery is charged 100%, make sure the remaining capacity is the same as the capacity of the battery. 

Peukert exponent: Always 100 - DO NOT CHANGE!

Important Information:

There is a settings tab in the top right corner of the APP. If you click on that, it will show calibration. Never input any information in these fields unless instructed to by one of our representatives. Changes these fields will impact the accuracy of your monitor. 

Only connect one battery at a time to this app. Only one phone or Bluetooth device can connect to the smart shunt at a time.