30 Jigs and Medium Case! 15x 4mm and 15x 5mm

Energized Outdoors

$42.00 $60.00

Random 30 jigs will be chosen by our staff. 15x 4mm and 15x 5mm. Silicon Medium case included. Free shipping!


All Amped Outdoors tungsten jigs are made from 97% pure tungsten and with premium Japanese Hooks. Direct to consumer pricing means you save 50% or more from retail store pricing! Load up today and get a free (Green Amped Outdoors Branded) case of any size with the purchase of 30 or more jigs of your choice! 

Head Size Hook Size Oz. Equivalent
3mm 16 1/64
4mm 14 1/32
5mm 12 1/16
6mm 8 7/64
7mm 8 1/8
8mm 6 1/4
9mm 6 3/8

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