What to know about Lithium Cranking (Dual Purpose) Batteries!

The advancements in modern day fishing have caused many anglers to seek out the major advantages of lithium battery products. Amped Outdoors has been on the leading edge of providing technologies that are in the best interest of their end users by supplying some of the most advanced lithium products on the market today. Yes, we have cranking (dual purpose) batteries and have many in the field. So what do you need to know before putting one into your boat?

The answer is pretty simple. We feel the disadvantages of this setup outweigh the advantages at this point. Other lithium companies may not disclose the information below but hold true to all lithium batteries being used in cranking applications. We will always say, use at your own risk. Below we will explain why we do not recommend them as well as an alternative solution that will not only cost the consumer less, but also give you higher performing products on the water. 

Why not?

  1. Most major boat motor manufacturers discourage the use of lithium. Reasons are listed below
  2. Charging - Your charging systems are made for Lead Acid Batteries. Lithium batteries have very low internal resistance. This means your charging systems are capable of producing current higher than they were intended and the faster charging rates for lithium will cause the system to work harder and hotter. 
  3. Cold Weather Performance - It does not matter where you live in the USA, you should not charge a lithium battery below freezing, especially at the high rates outboard motors are capable. Either you risk damaging your battery by doing this or if the battery has a low temperature charging cutoff, you are not able to charge your battery with your motor, defeating the purpose of keeping your battery charged on the water. Our dual purpose battery has a built in heated function for charging in colder temperatures.This is why standard lead acid batteries are used today and another reason the solution we provide later in this page is a better solution.
  4. BMS - All lithium batteries used for marine applications should have a BMS (battery management system). This protects the battery and components you are using. They can be suddenly triggered due to high heat, improper installation, a short, high current, low voltage and other variances they see, causing your battery to stop outputting power. This may cause your motor to suddenly go idle or shut off when in use. Safety may be a concern at this point. 
  5. Dirty Power - Today's modern fishing electronics are hands down better than they have ever been. They draw more power and are capable of providing crystal clear images. The biggest issue people have is running all their boat 12V components off of one battery. You introduce dirty power using your live well pumps, phones, cameras, anchoring systems and all other 12v accessories. Isolating your fishing electronics (graphs and chart plotters) to an isolated lithium battery will ensure you are getting the best image and performance possible. 

What is the best solution?

Running an AGM or Wet Cell for starting applications and all other 12V components in your boat other than your fishing electronics. Isolate your fishing electronics (graphs and chart plotters) to a dedicated lithium battery with capacity that will get you through your full fishing trip before charging. 

Running all of your fishing electronics on a dedicated battery will ensure you are not getting outside interference. You paid big money for your setup, why degrade what they are capable of by allowing outside sources interfere with your image? This is a worry free setup that will allow you to operate at full potential, not to mention, when sized correctly, will safe you a lot of money in the long run. 

We do offer a cranking battery, but feel this may not be in your best interest. Ultimately we want to provide the solutions that you want when you want them and give you the power to choose your best overall experience.