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LiFePO4 vs Lithium Ion

When you hear the word lithium, there are so many things you think of. Light weight, long life, safety, size and price are first that come to mind. But are all lithium batteries the same? The answer is obviously no. It is important that buyers in our industry today are aware of what they are buying and who they are buying from. Hopefully the information provided below will help clarify some of those differences. 

You will typically see two types of batteries on the market when shopping for lithium. What is labeled as Lithium Ion and LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate or LFP). Here are some of the differences when comparing 12V lithium battery technologies.

LiFePO4 Pros VS Lithium Ion: LiFePO4 offer 4-5x the number of charge cycles than Lithium Ion, wider operating temperatures range, safer, 12.8 actual voltage vs 11.1 and constant voltage during discharge cycle (graphed below).    

Lithium Ion Pros vs LiFePO4: Lower cost to produce and typically smaller in size.

The image below shows a discharge chart of an Energized Outdoors LiFePO4 10Ah battery being discharged at a 3amp current vs reputable 10Ah Lithium Ion discharged at a 3amp current.  Results are explained below. 

1) You can see how the LiFePO4 maintains a steady voltage through the battery life cycle vs the gradual decrease of voltage on Lithium Ion. 

2) We used the cutoff voltage of 10v as this is typically the cutoff voltage to most 12v electronics and components. To be fair, the Lithium Ion battery will yield a full 10Ah capacity but that is if you continue to drain the battery down to 9v. For most buying for fishing electronics and other electronics that stop working between 10-10.5v, you can see there can be a significant capacity never used with Lithium Ion. 

Finally, the purpose of this comparison is not to knock anyone who sells Lithium Ion technologies. The intent is to explain the differences in a easy to understand fashion of how the two technologies perform in our industry. At Energized Outdoors, we solely offer LiFePO4 battery technologies for the outdoors industry because we feel it is best 12v SLA replacement while keeping safety and our customers best interest in mind. 


New Lithium Batteries

Hello Energized Outdoors followers! We are excited to launch our new product lineup for the 2019/2020 Fishing and Outdoor Sports seasons! You will be happy to see that we are now the leader in capacity, price, and overall performance in lithium technologies! Check out the new products below to find out which products will be best for you! 


5AH Lithium - This battery is not a capacity leader but for those of you who want the advantages of lithium without a big price tag, this is the battery for you. It weights 1.8lbs and will give you a usable 5.6AH run times. This battery may have a lower rating than your current 7-9AH SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) but will actually last 10% longer or more since it has a 100% usable capacity (vs 50% of SLA) $50 with lithium charger means you will not break the bank and will ensure you will never buy SLA again!

12AH Lithium - This battery is the same size as your standard SLA (sealed lead acid) you may be using in our outdoors products, fishfinders, or ice fishing electronics. It is the same size as the 10AH (and weight) we offered in the past and what is offered by the competition in 7-10AH capacities! This battery was designed using our most advanced LiFePO4 battery technologies and will give you the longest run times in the industry with your products. With a true usable 12AH capacity, you will be able to go over 100% longer than your current SLA and 20% longer than any other lithium in the market of this size.

16AH Lithium - This battery replaces our previous 12AH battery and is the exact same weight and size. This battery also is the same size as most 10AH SLA batteries used in many battery boxes, Garmin Bundles, and Clam's battery tray. This battery capacity increase of 30% will ensure you power hungry electronics and items will last longer than every before!

27AH Lithium - This battery is a workhorse! This battery is the same size as our previous 20AH battery and the competitions 23AH. These batteries are currently being used by many for high power draw fishing electronics such as Garmin Livescope users, they fit in the Todd Dye's fish finder bundle, and powering many items in the industry such as ham radios, CPAP machines, Kayak lights and graphs, and even small trolling motors. Wire these as a single battery or in parallel to get 54AH to ensure you NEVER run out of power!

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