Hard Bait Launch Pad

Energized Outdoors


The Hard Bait Launch Pad brings all of the great benefits of our Hard Bait anchoring system in a smaller, more compact form. The Launch Pad is designed to be anchored really anywhere that you want quick and easy access to your tackle. Whether you place them on the gunnel or inside of the storage compartment on your boat, adhere them to your kayak, or anywhere else you want quick access to your tackle, the Launch Pad makes it easy to get the bait you need in a timely manner. The Launch Pad is perfect to dry out your lures before storing them away in your box. It’s ideal for storage of a small variety of lures for the day or as a storage place for the lures that would otherwise be on the ground or in a cup holder. The Hard Bait Launch Pad is the perfect storage solution to give you quick access to your lures wherever you need them.

Molded silicone anchoring system holds lures securely in place

Holds between 5-10 lures

Adheres to virtually any hard surface

Perfect for drying out your lures before storing them in your boxStrong adhesive

Specs4.5” x 2.25” x 2”2.7 oz